I hate talking about myself as a designer. In order to talk about something so subjective you have to kind of brag and I believe being humble about everything (other than the first real Chanel bag you ever buy) goes a very long way in growing creatively. 

I can't speak highly enough of the people I have met since moving to LA, though the loud, sarcastic Easterner in me deeply misses home. At a young age I've had the opportunities to work with very relevant brands, work one-on-one with VPs and CEOs, and get a 60k permit to sit on the H of the Hollywood sign (life complete). I joke, but honestly taste is always something a talented designer has, but without surrounding yourself with the proper environment or consistently keeping yourself inspired, you will become stale. I'm eternally grateful for the well-rounded teams who continue to build me into a more cultured photographer, designer, and director. 

The bottom line of myself - the real reason for my success is passion. I have a passion for art and all of its facets. I have an unquenchable thirst to become better, only from working with those who are better than myself. I love my team; I see them as family, and in doing so, I share my successes and failures with them. I don't believe in ownership, I believe in the relationships we build with others. I've always been a designer who is an art director. I like being hands on with my team, but I love watching them create amazing concepts on their own and seeing them grow. The world needs beauty in it, and that is the talent and gift I was given. Always create. Never stop. 



"The artist's job is to be a witness to his time in history." - ROBERT RAUSCHENBERG